Register and Order


Step 1

•Go to:

                on the right, where it says “not registered for”


Step 2

Enter your District #

Enter your personal Representative account #

Enter the last 4 digits of your Social Security #

Click the continuebutton at the bottom of the screen

Step 3

Review Term and Conditions

Click Accept

 Step 4

Publicity Release      CLICK YES

Preferred Preview      CLICK NO  (for now, you can always change it)

Confirm your e-mail address (enter it if none is listed)

   (This is very important; this is where confirmation of your order will be sent)

Select a password of 6 to 32 characters

   (It must contain at least one letter or one number… example: sally1 or 12345s  or sal1234.

Select a password hint (a reminder if you forget your password)

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click the continuebutton

Did you know that Internet ordering at is the easiest and most accurate order entry method available at Avon. Plus, it s loaded with tools to help simplify managing and running your business, all for no additional charge each Campaign.

Did you know to order at, all you need is a computer and an internet connection. Even if you dont have a computer, you can always get connected through any number of local services, such as your public library.

Did you know that at, you can

Access all the latest Avon news, information, training materials, and event registration.

View our regularly updated Product Reference Guide.

Check out your invoice, account balance.

• View the current and next Campaigns Purchase Order Guide, Product Number Guide, and Sales Tools


• Go to:

• Enter your account# and password

• Click  LOG IN

Next page:

Click on:

my orders



To start a new order, Click GO.

Next page:

Enter product numbers and quantities in the space at the top of the form.

   You can order from the current or the previous 2 Campaigns.

• Under description there is a magnifying glass

          Click on it to see pricing for current and previous 2 Campaigns. 

To shop for demos, or sales aids:

  Just click the link in the left column, find and select the item and it will be added to the order.

Enter item numbers then  Click  Update Order

  and the items will move to the Saved Items area at the bottom of the screen.

   (I suggest you Update Order after each customer so you don’t lose anything if the

       computer crashes)

When you are done entering all item numbers Click Update Order one last time.  


Next page:

Click Select All

Click Continue

Next page:

Number of packs of 10 brochures to add to your order

English Brochures                                                      Quantity_____

Spanish Brochures                                                      Quantity_____

English and Spanish Brochure Pricing
Order in Packs of 10. Buy more and save more! Take advantage of discounted quantity pricing.


# Brochures
Cost Each
10 brochures
20 brochures
30 brochures
40 brochures
50 brochures
60 brochures
70 brochures
80 brochures
90 brochures
100 brochures
11 or more packs:  $19.55 (for first 10 packs)
+ $1.35 for each additional pack

Your Avon Brochure is YOUR STORE.   The more brochures you have, the more stores you have open.  

How would you like to ship:

_____Regular - will be sent with your regular shipment

_____Separate - will make a special shipment which may incur
additional charges


How many  Customers served?_____

          ( Avon will charge you .75 for each customer you put;

             then they split it with you.  You getting .38 and Avon .37)                                            

When you are completely done:


Make sure you do not click it until you are done.  Once clicked, it is off to Avon and you can not make any changes.                                                                            

Beauty of Knowledge: 

•Go to:

• Enter your account# and password

• Click  LOG IN

Next page:

Click on:


On the left hand side under online training

Click  Explore Beauty of Knowledge Training

Next page:

Click on:  Training Courses

There are more then 25 courses on how to manage and help run your Avon business. 

They are all FREE, so take them and get your business off to a great start.

•Go to:

• Enter your account# and password

• Click  LOG IN

Follow the steps above for the Beauty of Knowledge Training.

There are two classes you can take that will show you

         how to do Returns and Exchanges.

1. e-Z Returns: Credits and Replacements

2. e-Z Returns: Creating a Return Shipment

Don’t Return EARN!

As you know, the Avon Guarantee is unique in the direct-selling industry.

You can return products that do not meet your Customer’s satisfaction.

You can sell Avon products with the full confidence that you (or your Customers)

Never need to be “stuck” with products.  HOWEVER, there are often more benefits to be gained from keeping and reselling a new, unused product than returning it for credit.


Carry a basket of returned items labeled “Special Sale” when delivering orders.

 Make a list of “Red Tag” items, include the prices, and enclose it in every Customer order.

Customer grab bag or surprise pack – select items, place them in an Avon bag, label with category or type of products, seal the bag.

Allow Customers with $10 orders a chance to buy the bag at one price

Use products for Helpers to demo with Customers

Use products as an enticement for someone to become your Helper or

As an incentive for Helpers who reach a goal.

Use the product for a “prize drawing” for Customers who place a certain order size (set your own minimum).

Make a “Customer Club punch card.  After eight purchases, Customers get a FREE surprise product.  Or use the card to draw for prizes.

Generate more sales by allowing new or potential Customers to try a product for a free at home. 

Use them as incentives for someone who wants to join your down line.


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